The club is based at the Constellations Dance club  in New Marske and lessons are taught by Sensei Richard Glass, 2nd Dan in Aikido.

We are a friendly group which teaches Aikido and self defence. New Marske Dragons was formed in August 2010 and has grown significantly in size and reputation in the local area.

The style of Aikido that is taught may be classed as progressive as we are always looking for ways to improve and not just repeat what has gone before.

Students work in a cooperative manner rather than a competitive one which enhances personal development.



Although aikido is a relatively recent innovation within the world of martial arts, it is heir to a rich cultural and philosophical background. Aikido was created in Japan by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969) who trained extensively in a number of martial arts before creating aikido. Aikido is not primarily a system of combat, but rather a means of self-cultivation and improvement.

Aikido has no tournaments, competitions, contests, or “sparring.” Instead, all aikido techniques are learned cooperatively at a pace commensurate with the abilities of each student. According to the founder, the goal of aikido is not to defeat others, but to defeat of the negative characteristics that inhabit one’s own mind and inhibit its functioning.

We are proud that the New Marske Dragons have been flourishing for 6 years. We have a broad cross-section of people ranging in age from 7 to 70 who enjoy practicing with us. We welcome people from other associations – as well as complete beginners – to come and enjoy practice with us.

Anyone can train Aikido at any age. Aikido is an efficient and gentle martial art, which teaches you how to use your body to harmonise with your attacker’s energy and movement in order to defuse their attack. It is not a pumped-up aggresive style, but rather develops physical and mental balance and stability.

Aikido techniques come from a place of balance

Aikido is suitable for adults, who will appreciate its depth and subtlety. It is also suitable for children, who very much enjoy tumbling and throwing each other, and learning how to fall safely.

Among the benefits of attending regular Aikido classes are:

Fitness. Aikido involves lots of whole-body movement. It will train your cardiovascular system and endurance, as well as core strength, grip, and overall fitness.

Confidence. Knowing how the joints of the body work, and having experience of how to use this knowledge to keep harmful people at bay, gives you a sense of confidence in your abilities.

Balance. In every sense of the word, Aikido develops balance. One cannot disrupt the balance of the opponent without first coming into balance oneself.
Self development. Like every true martial artist, the Aikidoka (practitioner) learns that the real enemy to progress in the art is one’s own ego.














Welcome to New Marske Dragons School of  Aikido